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Where Does My Money Go?

Every penny of the money from your donation goes towards supporting our community and voluntary work. We rely on sales from our bar to keep our venue open, and we don’t receive any funding for our community work, which is why we need your support. The money will be spent on providing essential services and helping to ensure we can reach the widest group of people with our workshop and community programmes. This may help to pay for travel expenses for someone to attend a job interview or to subsidise the cost of a workshop for a group who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to join. Every penny really does make a huge difference.

How Much Can I Donate?

As much or as little as you like! We’re always in need of further funding so that we can work with more freelancers to run more workshops, so that we can support more communities and individuals, and so that we can continue to make sure what we’re doing is amazing. But even a small amount can go a huge way – have you checked out out Friends Scheme?