Educate Yourself – Paperback


    • Quick, simple guide to some of the most pressing subjects of the day
    • Covers everything from veganism, to BLM, from Trans Identities to Politics
    • Every penny goes towards supporting our community and social work.
    • Free delivery!


    We live in an ever changing world.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up and we can feel in danger of being left behind, by changing social attitudes and developments. How can you educate yourself if you don’t know where to begin?

    In this short collection of essays, Karl Falconer brings together a diverse collection of writers who share their experience on some of the world’s most pressing subjects. Covering a wide range of topics from Trans Identities, to Autism and Neurodiversity, from Black British History to Consent, Politics and Human Rights, this collection makes it easy for you to learn more about the world in which we live, in a safe space where it is alright to make mistakes. Educating us from their own experiences, an incredible collection of emerging writers make these complex subjects accessible and relatable, with further resources recommended for those wishing to learn more. This book is the first step on a long journey of continually educating ourselves to create a more tolerant and empathetic society.

    Every penny of money earned from the sales of this book will go directly towards funding our charitable and social work with the communities we work with.


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