The PurpleDoor Book Club will be launching online this October. Each week we will meet as a group – online initially and in person when we can – in a friendly, supportive and safe space to enjoy literature, have a natter and connect during these challenging times.

Drop us an email to join our next session, which will take place on THURSDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2020. 

The Books

Our reading lists will be voted for by you, and will be as diverse and engaging as the people we work with.

The Partners

We're partnering with the News From Nowhere bookshop to offer exclusive discounts on our reading.

The Cost

Participation is free! We will have occasional special guests and some occasional surprises thrown in too.

“Tell them stories. They need the truth. You must tell them true stories, and everything will be well, just tell them stories.”
Philip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass