About us

PurpleDoor started life as a theatre company in 2008. We set about creating work that was engaging, relevant and routed in our region’s modern identity. We want to reverse the trend of theatre excluding people from working-class communities. So, over ten years, we produced more than 30 productions, working on everything from Shakespeare to Willy Russell, always with our own unique stamp. Opening our own venue has been a long held goal. We’ve got high ambitions for showing how theatre can be more affordable, more relatable, and more useful to the people it’s supposed to serve. We’re thrilled you’re coming on this chapter with us. Welcome to PurpleDoor.

PurpleDoor has been made possible by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and ACE.

A new sort of space

PurpleDoor was born out of a belief that theatre shouldn’t be stuck behind old walls, where you have to sit in the dark and be quiet. What kind of experience is that? By combining a bar and theatre together, we’re creating something truly unique, which we hope others will follow. Our experience puts you at its heart.


We’ve worked with some of the most incredible people in our city, and lots of them have gone on to do amazing things including: Studying at drama schools including LIPA, RADA, Royal Central and working at the Liverpool Everyman, Storyhouse, the Royal Exchange and the Royal Court.